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•EURONEXT MLZ21 (green line)
•BSW KFX21 (pink line)
•CBOT ZWZ21 (blue line)
The poles of interest of the origin of the wheat are clearly visible - Europe and the Black Sea.
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🎉 We are happy to announce that starting today, we can meet online on a dedicated platform for Romanian AGRI Column.

We have worked on an online platform where you can access the weekly issues. It's all a click away!

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#RAPESEEDS planting intention in #EuropeanUnion, autumn of 2021. Hope that all intentions will succeed and all surfaces will deliver in 2022.
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#GASC officially announced that they cancelled the #wheat tender.

#GASC tomorrow in #wheat search for 23.11-03.12 delivery. Payment @180 days LC.

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